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This was also the name of a 3rd-century Roman saint who is venerated in Sicily.

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Your name is Shalom, not just a name that could be Jewish, but, in fact, is so Jewish that Jews themselves rarely use it because even they find it too Jewish. Also, you're one of the highest-earning supermodels in the world, yet you look like that.

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I checked the immigration policy in Australia and we actually do have a requirement to pay security bond when application for visa is lodged in certain countries including Russia.

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Zalecamy, aby wszyscy użytkownicy zdecydowali się na wersję Flash czatu (obecnie używaną).

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On the right, across the narrowed throat of the Crowsnest Pass, Sentinel Mountain, point-guard for the south stretching Flathead Range, fills the viewer’s south-east quadrant as it rises to 8,000 feet behind nearby Island Ridge.

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This section contains a summary about America's greatest inventor, Thomas Alva Edison.