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Whenever you are with anyone, you have another opportunity to find them.Your power and glory are in him because they are yours.So with today’s lesson, the Workbook gently begins the process of loosening our grip on what we have believed to be true and bringing it to question.The ego would tell us that these beginning exercises are trivial. Yet when I awakened, I realized it was only a dream.How long this journey is for us depends on one thing: Our willingness to fully practice the exercises and open our mind to the lessons of our inner Teacher. It is a shared awakening because sharing is waking. The Holy Spirit can and will use anything in this world as a bridge to bring us from our belief in separation to our recognition that only oneness is real. Click link to go to: • Next Lesson • Lesson Index Has this page been helpful to you?We join in the journey of returning to where we never left. As we are willing to follow with an open mind, we will be led to true and everlasting happiness, deep peace and joy without reservation. We need mind training in order to let go of what is not true. Your contribution in support of this site is greatly appreciated.

This mind training will go on day by day as we are willing to practice each lesson as specified in the Workbook. Or send a check or money order to Pathways of Light, 6 Oak Court, Ormond Beach, FL 32174-2623 (USD only, please) Thank you for your support.Early in the Text we are told that this is a course in mind training and will lead to a complete thought reversal. It’s a complete 180 degree turn from the direction we thought was true.Because we believe our safety is in what we believe to be true, we are not likely to welcome something that is telling us the opposite.They include not only relationships with people for whom we have a particular love or liking, but also ones with people we especially dislike, judge, or even hate. Never forget this, for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself (T-8. “In him [your brother] you will find yourself or lose yourself.” This basic principle applies to all relationships, casual or intense, short-term or long-term, although our normal focus, and that of the Course, is on our primary relationships, because it is in these more intense relationships that the principle can be most clearly seen and applied.Why, generally, are relationships so important to the Course? What does it mean that in our brother, or sister, we will find ourselves or lose ourselves?It seems that everything I once enjoyed about life is either gone, changing for the worse, or just plain a big disappointment.Is this a natural part of waking up, is it aging, or am I completely on the wrong path since I feel this way?The goal of the curriculum, regardless of the teacher you choose, is “Know thyself.” There is nothing else to seek.Everyone is looking for himself and for the power and glory he thinks he has lost.I've been talking this over with the Holy Spirit, which feels very comforting, but I can't help but feel sad these days…” – JB What you feel is typical for a new student of A Course in Miracles.Disillusionment, lack of motivation, lack of interest, depression, etc. Even though you are still in the intellectual stage, you have learned to question the ego (personal thought system) and your values are changing.