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They will be interested in hearing your views too, and might ask you questions about what your child is like at home, what their strengths are as well as their weaknesses.

They might also ask you questions about their earlier development.

Together you will decide what needs to happen next.

This might simply be a case of monitoring the situation, or together you might decide to put some extra support in place.

Other adults who might work with your child could include: · A Teaching Assistant · Another teacher from the same year group · The SENDCo (special educational needs and disabilities coordinator) · We are also involved with a number of specialists from outside the school.

We will always let you know before someone from outside the school works with your child.

We encourage all parents to share their concerns quickly. Ask your child to clap with you as you say words like, ’won/der/ful’ or ‘com/mu/ni/ca/tion’.

If you need more support in meetings at school, you can contact the Parent Partnership KIDS, who are happy to help. Next step is to ask your child to clap the beats in words by themselves.

Your views are very important, as are the views of your child and the class teacher. We observe pupils both inside and outside the classroom.

We sometimes carry out a range of tests so that we have a better understanding of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. The type of support your child receives will depend upon their individual needs and is tailored to help them to achieve positive outcomes.