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In 2017, a group of partners, brought together by Funders Concerned About AIDS and including Gilead Sciences, Ford Foundation, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Vii V Healthcare and Johnson and Johnson, launched the Southern HIV Impact Fund, managed by AIDS United.Received Date: December 14, 2012; Accepted Date: December 26, 2012; Published Date: December 28, 2012 Citation: Johnbull OS (2013) HIV and AIDS in Nigeria: Meeting the Rural Challenges. doi:10.4172/2155-6113.1000e111 Copyright: © 2013 Johnbull OS, et al.They need safe accommodation where they can carry on positive living without undue attention and harassment.In conclusion, AIDS is special and different because it has presented us with a sudden crisis which demands a response.Being HIV positive has ruined so many homes and lives.It has brought relationships and marriages to an abrupt end, leaving hearts broken and souls shattered.

We need urgently to live by values which accept that sexual love in its fullness is to express only within lifelong and faithful marriage.

Even with the merciful discovery of a cure right now should not be hailed as heralding an automatic return to ways of behaving and moral attitudes dramatically. At the rural level, everybody (traditional rulers, churches, mosques, schools, farmers etc) have some roles to play which must be unyielding in principle and compassionate in practice [2,3].

The communities must clearly condemn immorality but never disown the one that committed such act because it would be quite clear that there are sufferers who have contacted the illness through no fault of their own.

Philanthropic Funding for HIV/AIDS Reached Highest Level to Date in 2016 according to New Funders Concerned About AIDS' Report.

Despite a third straight year of increases, there is cause for caution.