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Every detail really came together the day of and we became very emotional when we finally got to see it all at once.

We were honestly speechless at how beautiful everything was – it truly felt like a real life fairy tale.

“I like writing about parties –so a lot of this stuff is about parties that I’ve gone to where I’m trying to recall exactly what happened — kind of in a hangover sense, trying to piece sense together and put it in a song,” he told ET.

“This is like my best recollection of parties that I’ve been do.” It was very important for us to have this day reflect our love for one another, something beautiful, romantic, whimsical, and unique.

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If you’re one of them, just know I think you’re shit. So it’s been great, it hasn’t been too different, the only difference is we call each other wife and husband, which is just an extra bonus. For most of his career, Urie has been followed by gay rumors.She also shows off other beauty products on her Instagram page.Just a few days ago, she showed off a gift she received from nail artist Sarah Bland and she ensured her followers that “everything is vegan/gluten free/cruelty free/paraben free/mineral oil free/petrolatum free!I don’t ever think about someone being a boy or someone being a girl."Urie doesn't owe anyone a public declaration of his sexuality, but that doesn't make his actions any less significant.It can be challenging for men to identify as anything other than rigidly straight or gay.and their nominated for Best Musical Theater Album at the Grammys!Other stars in attendance at the annual gala were Mary J.And since it was Sarah he married, she gets the hate. I agree, she’s beautiful and if they were true “fans”, they wouldn’t hate on her and they would just consider that she’s the person who makes Brendon happy, he chose to spend his life with her so if they don’t like it they should just go. at the Disco lead vocalist Brendon Urie secured Sarah Orzechowski a spot under the spotlight but what she wasn’t ready for was the hate that followed.” Sarah also recently used her Instagram page Why do a lot of people hate on Sarah? She’s part of the Panic family and if people don’t like that they can leave.She is amazing and I hope the best for her and Brendon. I think people do it because Brendon being married takes away any fantasy of those people being the one to marry him.