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I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.And keeping me grounded as a human by being consistently unimpressed and laughing at my internet celebness.I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself.Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 90%), and highly automated. I've launched my startups to Reddit's frontpage twice.

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There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years.You'll also get the PDF and e Pub versions sent to your email. Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL; DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book.The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem.This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later.Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue.I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore.That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products.At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 1 million monthly visits.Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward.And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is.You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a Power Point deck.