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"He didn't make it onto the list" of representatives from her state, she told me with undisguised glee.Ballots featured pictures of the candidates--something that couldn't have worked against her.He's a truly awesome player--taste, chops, and none of the ego ordinarily associated with being a guitar-god. I'm not going to bother to imbed these because it may roll slowly if you're reading this in China. E-mail me or leave a comment if you're interested in picking up a copy of Suffocated's CD--don't be put off by the Cookie Monster vocals, because there's amazing musicianship going on and some good lyrics--or if you want a copy of Chunqiu's disk, which we put out last year. on cable the other night, brought some unexpected lessons with it.Arguably Adam Sandler’s sweetest work, the film is about a singing schmoe who gets left at the altar and eventually wins the heart of a waitress played by Drew Barrymore. Except, of course, for what now plays as a “shock” scene in the middle. Barrymore’s Julia Sullivan asks a homely bar mitzvah boy to dance. Julia looks stunned, but Sandler’s Robbie Hart tells her to ‘just go with it.’ Before long, everyone in the hall is groping everyone else. Bush, who was shamed lately for his shameless bottom-patting?It seemed innocent enough in 1998; but 19 years later, the sequence is bristling with sexual and even legal issues. , Gary Oldman’s Winston Churchill merrily warns a female assistant that he’s about to emerge from his bath in the altogether. Neither would the sexual banter in, say, , written by Norman Lear, based on a Neil Simon play, and released by Paramount in 1963. I channel-hopped into the middle of a scene that had a swinging bachelor, played by Frank Sinatra, baiting an ingénue with tales of a Paramount executive pal who could presumably help with her career. We won’t soon be seeing another , also on cable lately, is another that probably wouldn’t fly now.I put in a little guest appearance to throw the horns with the boys and tell the media that these guys rule.

Then Cory went on at length about the political peculiarities of early open source trailblazers like John Stallman, who evidently was an unreconstructed Marxist and something of an idiot savant. Prince de Bourbon Parme), who happens to be a scion of both the Duth and Spanish royal families, on the best way for the U. But he's clearly never seen anything so intractable as Iraq.

The mountainous country of 7 million, half of whom are under 16 in age, is hoping to benefit as CAFTA brings trade goods moving north toward the U. The Honduran countryside is impoverished, she says, and hasn't fully recovered from Mitch.

Many people are without electricity or running water. She's a mother of two, aged 14 and 9 ("I started early," she says), and so she's tuned into issues affecting the next generation of Hondurans.

While not ruling it out, she says there are plenty of other things she wants to do in life as well--run a business, or write a book.

Looking forward to running into her again at the Forum, and meeting more colorful characters.