Blind dating advice

Even though his brother spoke highly of him to Melissa (and about Melissa to him), there will always be a level of skepticism from both parties at a blind date. That's why we have to monitor our actions closely to make a great first impression. This is the time to bring out what I call the Interview You. The Interview You changes your whole demeanor; you sit up straighter, you don’t drink as much, you don't stuff your face with rigatoni, and you watch your speech, ditching the sailor mouth.Again, this is not being phony, it’s being an adult.You could also go for a walk—that gives you something to talk about without that uncomfortable moment of figuring out the check.Leave a little time open afterward, in case the date goes well and you want to keep hanging out."Don't conduct an interview.

But all that does not mean that Jeremy should simply to float through the date.

Check out my top 3 quick and dirty tips for a successful blind date: A common misconception is that the “just be me” philosophy works in all situations. Yes, it’s wrong to project a false idea of who you are, but a blind date is not the time to let all the skeletons out.

The goal is to present the best version of yourself.

It's OK to Google someone before a date or check them out quickly on Facebook, but no good comes from memorizing their history or scrounging for information about their exes."Don't do dinner. Sitting down to a meal means you'll be stuck for at least an hour.

If you meet someone for coffee or a drink instead, you're only committing to about 30 minutes.