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I don't like the color, don't like the color. You can see that I have already revised it a little bit, I've worked on it, and I changed stuff.

He adds his comment and it comes back to the designer and will see all the comments onto this file. I've just shown you the In Design file, but it works on any file from Adobe. You can see it over here that I changed some kind of email address and whatever.

It loads a little bit slowly, so I had already one tab open, and there you see that I have like creative clouds, Argos for my file name and then my tree file structure that I have made into my finders.

So, if you see that this flow is exactly the same, I'll close this one, they have creative clouds, then Argos, and then you see my ...

You can just look at native files and that's new. If, I want to restore an older version I can do that by hit this button, restore.

I only have to save one version, cause Adobe keeps track of all the adjustments that have been made so your server is not exploded with final, and final-finals, and then final-finals, and final second, and I don't know so just one file and you can rollback to whatever point you'd like to have.

If I open this folder you will see that I have here my creative cloud file plugin.

And these are all folders, I made a folder for today, I had two sessions, which is an Illustrator session, maybe the ones have who have already seen my first session, it was an AI file, and Illustrator file.

First you can open it by the folder, or view it on web. I'll return to my in design file and here you see I have storage folders and otherwise you can view it on the web, which is libraries and folders. Libraries are only available within the app itself, so with In Design, within Illustrator, within Photoshop, but the folder is just like storage. You don't need to embed only native files, so anything of any other program is also available to put in that folder.When you want to share something, even a native file, you can make it public.And when I make it public, you can choose whether you want to have people to change things in your file, if I don't like them to do that, I don't allow them. You can say well download, pay attention if you have an AI file that will be your native file, which is downloadable.Cause I am the owner I can remove people, so this is from one of the projects I've done. Well at some point, maybe you'll have freelancers and you don't want to have them access to your server, because there's many a material at your server level. Another thing is that these files are also shown on mobile devices, so if you have like people ... And I like this community thing, like I can view whatever comment has been put on it.account managers or any level you can show the results of the In Design, Photoshop, or Illustrator just the native files on a mobile device and that's new. If I want to add activity, maybe my account manager is at the customer's side, he looks at the file and he says no I don't like the color.If I want commenting, maybe it's also for them interesting, if you have a file and you want them to show and give some comments that you can your comments into this file. Not everybody likes that because they can have fits and nobody knows what happens with your file.So maybe I don't like this download thing, but if it's internal into your company, that's surely fine.You see this marker, the green markers, those let me see that everything is synchronized at this moment.If I want to view it on the web I got to the website assests.where you can see all my storage I've already done within my creative cloud space.But I can send somehow this interface to somebody who doesn't have anything from Adobe.Here there is a share link button, there's something else in collaboration.

Chilli and lasse larsen dating