Dating cmielow

Our mission is to produce a translation of the original work and we cannot verify the accuracy of statements or alter facts cited.Until the 14th century known as Cmielow Szydlow or Szydlowiec.

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and the Yizkor Book Project for the purpose of fulfilling our mission of disseminating information about the Holocaust and destroyed Jewish communities. makes no representations regarding the accuracy of the translation.Upon the German invasion of Ćmielów in September 1939, there were 500 Jews residing in the town.The Nazis confiscated their property and forced them to pay exorbitant contributions. Mine has some damage, and missing items, but the teapotis perfect, and it has it's little lid, which drops off, so they are almost always missing.I have seen a slightly different shape with a long thin lid on the top instead. Jews could not take up residence at Kościelna Street and around the marketplace, but only in the outskirts. At that time, the law prohibited people of Mosaic faith from residing in the town centre.Moreover, Jews were finally allowed to settle in any part of the town.During the interwar period, the Jewish population of Ćmielów strove to gain independence from the management in Opatów.The town already had a Catholic church in the 13th century.At first, Cmielow was a village settlement, but in 1505, King Alexander Jagello granted it city rights and built a castle on an island in its vicinity.