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During that same period there were also 750 Kent New Model basses made.As with the Cromwell guitars, “new” meant laminated alder bodies and birch necks.Again, if the De Luxe pattern holds, that would indicate binding and block inlays, but this is far from certain.One example of what is probably a Hagstrom De Luxe III fits with what we know about the transition from Kent to Kent I to Hagstrom I.In ’63 Hagstrom rolled out the PB-24-BG (“BG” for bass guitar), some 2,545 of which were built through ’64.

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To recap: the Hagstrom company was founded by Albin Hgstrom (1905-1952) in Alvdalen, Sweden in 1921 as an accordion importing firm. Hagstrom’s first guitars were the sparkle plastic-covered acoustic/electrics with replaceable pickup assemblies, introduced in the U. In ’62 Hagstrom struck a deal with another Swedish manufacturer, Bjarton, to make acoustic guitars sold in the U. as Fender Tarrega and Buegeleisen & Jacobson Espana guitars.

Both had a finetune bridge and Hagstrom vibrato, and were available in mahogany sunburst or red sunburst.

The Impala and Corvette were made until ’67, by which time 1,123 and 1,078 were made of each, respectively.

Hagstrom’s Chevrolets Speaking of hip, perhaps Hagstrom’s coolest guitars followed hot on the heels of the Kent in ’63, the two-pickup Impala and three-pickup Corvette, both named for popular Chevrolets.

These were fairly sophisticated guitars, with wider maple bodies, an arm contour, more flared horns and a little peak down on the lower bout, giving the butt a little S-curve. Pickups were the black oval single-coils on metal surrounds screwed into the top, although at some point after ’65 these changed to the newer rectangular black single-coils.