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As a result, horse buyers tend to shy away from horses born late in the year, which in turn means that horse breeders do everything they can to ensure their foals are born in the first half of the year.This has led to interventions like drugs and the use of artificial light to keep the reins tight over Thoroughbred reproduction.Veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder often are prescribed ...— Fraud in meat products has become, in recent years, a battle of the food industry and public health.This is pretty typical of the relationship with humans and Thoroughbred horses.Officials make a rule and the breed is adjusted to get the most benefit from it.Yet its relationship to chronic stress is less clear. — Though modern horses now have a single toe, their earliest ancestors had three on their front legs, and four on the back.Scientists are shedding new light on what drove those changes, and in a new ... This is true for domestic horses and wild horses in the Gobi Desert.

Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.— Although seasonal effects such as reduced metabolic activity in winter are known even in domesticated horse breeds, effects on pregnant mares and their foals have not been investigated. — For the first time, researchers have used whole genome sequencing to identify the cause of a zoonotic infection that sparked a national epidemic. Researchers have now found through tail hair analysis that before their extinction in the ...— Researchers who have analyzed the Y chromosomes of more than 50 horses representing 21 breeds have found that the paternal lines of nearly all modern horses trace to stallions brought to Europe from ...— Although studies suggest that inhaling certain scents may reduce stress in humans, aromatherapy is relatively unexplored in veterinary medicine.But new research raises the question of whether ...The Midwest Horse Fair is the largest 3-day horse fair in America.300 clinics, seminars, and educational events are presented by some of the top horse professionals from around the country.— A new study unveils the secrets of horse breeding by Iron Age Scythian nomads.The genomes reconstructed from 14 archaeological horses also provide important insights into the process of animal ...These cells are commonly obtained surgically from bone marrow or fat tissue. — Climate change will not significantly impair animal agriculture in the Northeast region of the United States, according to a multidisciplinary team of researchers, who point out there are many ...— In the US, therapeutic horseback riding offers equine-assisted therapy to diverse populations who have anxiety disorders.