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So what if they're testing Hoechilin out to take over the role in the films. Tyler is playing Superman on a cheesy-ass show that did about 1.3 mil average viewer ratings on CBS.I doubt those numbers are going to increase on the CW.

Speaking of which, their television and film properties are separate and distinct.

The only problem is when I go to get my pants tailored and the asian lady inevitably says "oh, no butt... The don't have hips, until they're in drag & suddenly- bam.

The only one that didn't pad was Carmen Carrera, whose thighs weremostly silicone... Later on, one of them admitted to it - this season, I think.

Lanter was a batboy for the Atlanta Braves which is Recker's current team. Gurls, shame on you for not knowing about the heel effect? You can clearly see the butt padding in the pics where he's in a near squat.

[quote] The heels are elevated (not a new thing for Ty-Ty) and that pushes everything in the back upwards. If you remove the heels in the back, everything moves downward..still has a bubble butt but it's not so falsely elevated. For the non-CGI flight sequences, he'll be harnessed and which is extremely uncomfortable.