Dating pet peeve

The good thing is that the next day I can have the very same conversation and it will be brand new to him. " --Bobbi Leder, Houston, Texas "He gets a look in his eyes and I know something is bothering him.

I've learned that it will do me no good to ask; if he thinks it's something I need to know, he will tell me.

My husband has a habit of leaving paper towels in his pockets when he tosses his jeans in the hamper. Last week, I threw his jeans in the dryer, paper towels and all.

The paper towels dried, I folded them into a tidy pile, and put them in his sock drawer to reuse.

At this point, I think he might be doing it on purpose." --Linda St.

Cyr, Blakeslee, Pennsylvania "My pet peeve is finding my washer full of paper towels.

No matter how you convey your opinion of them, you will be wrong, you will be judging, you will be mean, you won't know them like they do.

They best you can do is minimize your time around those people and deal with the fact they are their friends.

I've spent years trying to teach him the joys of using a trash can, drawer, closet or cabinet. So I started trading off things that I hate to do with him, like taking out the trash, running to the store, etc., in exchange for picking up after him.(The Frisky) -- Finding a boyfriend is only the beginning when it comes to relationship woes.Once you're in one, you have to deal with another person, including the parts that annoy you despite your love for him.I've had to learn that he's just not as open as I am." -- Debbie Henthorn, Columbus, Ohio "He throws his clothes next to the laundry basket.This is one of the most annoying things that he does.We asked 15 women to dish on what their partners do that completely drives them crazy, and how they've learned to cope (or not) with these behaviors. I can tell him things over and over, but unless I stand right in front of him and tell him it is important, he never remembers what I tell him.My way of dealing with it is to bombard him with things when I do have his attention.I have noticed this is more prevalent in younger, more inexperienced couples.A little spontaneity is required to keep things fresh.There are times when the guys are hanging out, or the girls are hanging out.Your friends do not want your BF/GF around for these times. Every BF/GF has that one (or maybe two) friends that you absolutely hate.