Dating service in costa rica dating an older guy in college

Now she is threatening to leave him if he does not adopt and help get citizenship for the rest of her offspring and grandchildren.Before meeting her, he was retired and had a small fortune, and now he is working again despite his age because he cannot make ends meet for his new family.

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After dating awhile, she convinces the man to finance two credit cards, one for ,000 and the other for ,000.

The problem with these stories is that foreigners that fool around with that type of women are usually older than 50 and the only thing going for them is the cash. So, is it an addiction to sex that ruins those men?

Most of them have not done a good job taking care of their appearance and cannot naturally attract younger women. Most men know that and play according to the rules. Can they not set a limit to how much they will finance the lives of those women and their families? It would seem unlikely that they would keep spending thousands to solve the woman’s problems if she were not their girlfriend.

The real question is how an intelligent man experienced with women can be an easy prey for Gringo Hunters?

The following stories might give some clues as to the reasons why this phenomenon is so common.