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They had three children, all still in school, who would come and help out at night and on weekends, if their homework was done.

I still remember the smell of the food when I walked in. After I went to work for them that all changed, Anne said I could make myself a plate from the buffet when I worked the lunch shift.

Their children were not going to take over the restaurant. One day I walked into a Chinese Take-out place in Lantana, Florida. I told her briefly that Anne had promised me that recipe, and that I had it all figured out except one ingredient. We discussed the ingredients that I had figured out on my own, and she said I was right, all that was missing was the saffron. Unfortunately, at the time I could not afford to take it.

I could not believe it but there was that fragrance from so long ago. I went to the counter and talked to the owner, I was picking up an order.

I worked in a Chinese restaurant called Asia Garden, when I was seventeen.

The place was run by a married couple, Anne and Danny Hom.

They closed the restaurant and had the wait staff work to serve.

I can tell you I was told they would not hire me because it was a family run place, but I got lucky.

She has been working with us for just a few days,” he said, adding that new employees did not receive adequate training.

The waitress has been fired, and the city’s food inspection and safety authority has ordered the business to remain shut until “improvements are made”.

Danny scooped out any food with coffee grounds in it and threw it away. He knew my knowledge of chinese food was limited to canned goods.

Then he put the rest onto a plate for me, and said You will eat this now, I cannot serve it. He wanted me to know how good the food was, so that I would never be near the food with anything that could contaminate it. Danny's mother had owned a Chinese restaurant in Cleveland.