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I don't know what's so bad about getting a little down and dirty sometimes. The world-famous brothers ran into the north terminal. ""Because, you know, we have ways of making you talk! "The counterperson leaned in too and started breathing on Mario's neck!

Petey Piranha and King Boo – Friends: 6th to depart, P. " said King Boo (interview), "I mean, we should have listened to DK and Diddy.

In Stalk it teams must travel by taxi one and a half miles to Toadanne's Farm.

If not, the counter will give them their next clue.

Peach and Daisy – Best Friends/Princesses: CURRENTLY IN 4th (Mushroom Kingdom Castle)"Here's the castle, girls! Once there, teams must choose a row of corn and pick each corn from the cornstalk.

Toadanne is a famous corn farmer and a quarter of the corn in Mushroom Kingdom comes from her farm.