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There's a small chance that the chip could migrate to another part of the body, but it can't actually get lost. Many veterinarians and some animal shelters implant microchips for a small fee.

But—and this is very important—just getting a microchip isn't enough—you also need to register your pet with the microchip company.

Each microchip contains a registration number and the phone number of the registry for the particular brand of chip.

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Some companies charge a one-time registration fee while others charge an annual fee.If you want to get more intense and pay for the girl then you need to use livejasmin, Xcams, IMLive or XLovecam. Someone leaves a door ajar, an intrepid pooch digs under a fence, and your best intentions go awry: Your pet escapes and gets lost.Microchips are a good back-up option for pet identification, but should never be the main one.Reading a microchip takes a special scanner, one that an animal control officer or shelter will have, but your neighbor down the street will not.You’ll also receive a tag for your pet’s collar with the chip number and registry phone number. Competing microchip companies use different frequencies to send signals to scanners, and until recently there was no universal scanner that could read all the different frequencies.That was a problem if a pet had a microchip that a particular scanner couldn't detect.Many microchip companies now produce universal scanners and provide them to animal shelters and animal control agencies at no or very low cost.If your local shelters don’t have scanners, they can contact some of the major manufacturers to ask about getting one. Different chip companies maintained separate databases. Now, some chip companies will register pets with any brand of chip Also, the American Microchip Advisory Council is working to develop a network of the registry databases to streamline the return of pets to their families. Despite advances in universal scanners and registry procedures, microchips aren't foolproof, and you shouldn't rely on them exclusively to protect your pet.You need to contact the company that registers the chip to update your information; otherwise, the chip will be useless.You may be charged a small fee to process the update.