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Not entirely unexpected, they were in pretty poor condition and had to go.These similarities lead me to believe they are made under the same management (S=Samick), but probably two separate locations. Alder body, bolt-on maple neck, with either a bare maple fretboard or a rosewood fretboard. The guitar had an MSRP (back in the day) of 0, and would be worth 0 in absolutely brand new condition. Your Squire Stratocaster is valued at; Mint: 0.00 USD Exc : 0.00 USD Exc: 5.00 USD VG : 0.00 USD VG: .00 USD Good: .00 USDHope this helps you out, kcbuck Mary, She was crafted in the Cort factory in Indonesia, in 2005. That's a finish known as Metallic Blue, which was offered first in 2004, and has been produced for many years since.

Here I'll try and cast some light on the different Squier Mini Serial Numbers with a few examples. The fonts are an exact match in size and type with the IS00300077 above and has the same quality control sticker.

General serial number info at the bottom of the page. This guitar was made by Samick in Indonesia and is a typical representative of the most common Mini in terms of appointments and color. One difference is the inspector is filled in with a name and a date (9/02).

The exact same sticker appear on guitars with serial numbers starting with "SI", so the two are probably under the same management. This picture was taken after I installed the new tuners.

Fender and Squier serial numbers, for guitar made overseas, has in the last 20 years or longer consisted of two letters followed by eight (sometimes nine) numerals.

The two letters leading denotes what plant the instrument was made in.