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These videos are all in 360 degrees, and put you smack in the middle of the action whether that means seeing Rio for the Olympics, or being interrogated in a Funny or Die sketch.

They've got a pretty awesome navigation system as well.

It's the heart rending tale of a girl, and her mother and the sacrifice one makes for the other.

The animation is gorgeous in a style that may remind you of stop motion classics from the past.

You'll be put into the cockpit of the Jackal, a fighter jet capable of battle in both Air and Space.

Things start out simple enough, but soon enough you'll be thrown into combat after being attacked during a training mission.

You'll even seen television channels, like Discovery and Showtime that has produced VR content for you to enjoy.While you'll have to pony up to pick up the first game, if you haven't tried out a horror game in VR then this is a great opportunity to do it since the demo of the game is available for free.While playing Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, you'll sit in a roller coaster with monsters coming at you from all angles.Download Hulu from the Play Station Store You might not think of VR as an awesome place to experience an animated short film, but Allumette would prove you wrong.There isn't any actual dialogue in the film, instead you'll hear music that helps to convey the emotion of the story that is unfolding around you.Download Littlstar VR from the Play Station Store If the internet puts all of the information in the world at your fingertips, You Tube does the same with videos.From news, to vloggers, to beauty videos and gaming videos, and more, You Tube is full to the brim of content.At the moment, the pickings are a bit slim, but that's to be expected since we're only a few short days past launch day.Well, don't worry about searching through the Play Station store because we've got the details on the best free apps on Play Station VR.Whether you just want to watch your favorite music videos, or you're catching up on the news of the day You Tube can get the job done.Download You Tube from the Play Station Store Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a wickedly fun arcade style shooter that is guaranteed to make you jump at an inopportune time.