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For example, Sharon was allowed to continue taking courses at Boston University toward her Master’s in Public Relations because that would have been useful to Opus Dei’s aim of influencing public opinion.However, Opus Dei manipulates the charitable intentions (or social guilt) of potential recruits by exposing them to poor people in “visits to the poor or the elderly,” which are used as opportunities for recruitment.Before giving a fraternal correction, the incident must first be reported to the Director.Then he or she decides if it merits discussion with the person who may have said or done “something in bad spirit” or “with a bad attitude.” Members have the feeling that they are always being watched.Instead of vacations, numeraries attend an annual “summer course,” when they attend more indoctrination classes, but may have a little more time for afternoon “excursions,” which could also be some sort of a pilgrimage to a holy shrine.For example, upon graduation from the two-year course at Brimfield, one numerary was directed to transfer from Wellesley College to a state university in Texas in order to further “the needs of the Work.”Those who recruit most successfully are the most-admired in Opus Dei and are sometimes given special privileges.Donkeys and ducks are placed everywhere in Opus Dei houses as a reminder of the Founder, because he said that numeraries should work hard like a donkey at the working wheel and should also be noisy to recruit people like the duck.

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Critical information that members hear about is typically ridiculed and over-simplified; often the credibility of the source or author of the information is attacked rather than the information itself (which is often truthful.)Opus Dei calls it Fraternal Correction.Another former member, Javier Ropero, touches on this subject in his Hijos en el Opus Dei, chapter 15.[3]In addition to the above meditations, members pray the rosary every day (20 minutes); thanksgiving after mass (10 minutes); and during silent intervals of the day, like on the bus, etc., they pray the rosary or prayer cards to the Founder.The singing together of "Opus Dei songs" or pre-approved songs, like "This Land is Your Land" by Woody Guthrie or the practicing of Latin hymns for special occasions, like Christmas appears to be a diversion; however, in an atmosphere with no true dialogue, these occasions serve to reinforce feelings of loyalty and unity among Opus Dei members to their vocation, and to promote proselytism to recruit even more members.Otherwise, the directors made her feel as if she was not doing the will of God. This article is included in the Opus Dei Awareness Network, Inc. In their get-togethers, numeraries discuss new recruits all the time, sing songs about “fishing for vocations,” and attend workshops from time to time in order to be more successful in their “apostolate.”The Founder passed down this apostolic zeal, as revealed in his quote "This holy coercion is necessary, compelle intrare the Lord tells us,” from the secret internal magazine Cronica.[8] (Editor's note: "compelle intrare" is Latin for "compel them to enter" from the gospel story in Luke .)When Sharon told her spiritual director that she thought she would like to be married some day, her director replied that “men are jerks in pants,” and that the life of female supernumeraries with families is much more "The Inner World of Opus Dei: Evidence from internal documents of Opus Dei and testimony" Dr. If numeraries are having doubts, they may be assigned labor-intensive duties, like cleaning toilets.The one time when numeraries would have time to talk intimately with one another is at night after the examination of conscience; however, there is a “time of night” or silence, which is strictly enforced.Once the subject of “vocation” is brought up with a potential recruit, the friend of the recruit is introduced to another “buddy” who helps to convince the recruit that he/she has a vocation to Opus Dei.On the trip, Sharon remembers being heavily pressured to talk to her friend about a possible vocation to Opus Dei, and one of the Directors, who just happened to be a skier, was on standby in the event that she was receptive to the idea. (See If numeraries of Opus Dei spend too much time at their job, fuss over what they want to wear, insist on getting together with family or old friends or perhaps have a time-consuming hobby, they are told that they are “selfish.”Directors try to instill fear in numeraries by pointing out that those who leave Opus Dei are probably damned and will never have God’s grace; they say that those who leave become atheists and hedonists.Directors pick out which spiritual reading the members may read; the collection includes mostly writings of the Founder or other Opus Dei members, writings of the Pope, along with a few other books by such authors as Fulton Sheen and G. They are encouraged to say other prayers, such as “Omnia in bonum” (all for the best) at difficult moments or to offer up any sufferings “for the intentions of the Father” (the “Prelate” or head of Opus Dei) and thus stop any thoughts about the reason for the suffering.The Way #13 “Get rid of those useless thoughts which are at best a waste of time.” The founder of Opus Dei also says in The Way #945, “You are badly disposed if you listen to the word of God with a critical spirit.”Using Roy Hunter's definition of hypnosis as "guided meditation" from one could say that the atmosphere of the Opus Dei meditations guides a person to "receive the message." The meditations take place in a small, dark chapel, lit by two candles flanking the tabernacle on the altar in order to focus attention on the tabernacle.