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Or you could tell about them on one of your web pages (if you have any) and then mention the URL (web address) of that web page on the "Website or Blog" section of your profile. , and other instant messenger and chat names, you could list them on the "About me" section of your profile.

You can create a Google account associated with your email address here: https:// Account ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. To go to that web address with your web browser, write that address to the address bar of your web browser and press the Enter key (or equivalent key) on your keyboard. If you have followed step 1 and you are now on the Google Groups main page and you see a "Sign out" link at the top of the page and you also see an email address on the same line and if that email address is not the email address you want to sign in to Google Groups, then you need to sign out from Google Groups. If you have followed step 2 and you now see a page where your email address and password are asked, then you need to type your email address to the "Email" text field and your password to the "Password" text field and press the "Sign in" button. If you are not signed in to Google Groups, see question "Why can't I sign in to Google Groups? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- When you sign in to Google Groups, use the email address you have used so far to sign in to Google Groups.

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Q: Why do I receive messages from a group when I shouldn't? Q: Can I use features such as HTML, CSS, and Java Script in my messages? With a Usenet newsgroup you can't use the "Email" delivery setting.

Q: Can I use discussion board tags and codes in my messages? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- With a Google discussion group you can decide to get all the messages sent to the group ("Email"), or no email at all ("No Email"), or one email message containing a summary of new messages to the group ("Abridged Email") or email messages each containing 25 new messages to the group ("Digest Email").