Irish dating and wedding traditions

Dressmaker Thelma Madine reveals the secrets behind her most outrageous creations, from design and production through to the unique excitement of a Traveller or Gypsy wedding day.Thelma relives the mayhem and magic that went into creating the most incredible outfits, recalling everything from glow- in-the-dark wedding dresses to her famous pineapple and palm tree costumes.Anachronism: An error in the chronological placement of persons, events, objects or customs. They are infamous for using objects, customs and wardrobes that have no business being in some of the movies. Most of our assumptions are based on myth, legend and the anachronistic Hollywood film industry.Many stone carvings on crosses and monuments in Ireland, dating before the 11th century, claim that the figures are wearing kilts.This is inaccurate because what is actually pictured is called a leine, or Irish tunic.

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Notably, it first aired the night before the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Was it only later brought into Scotland by migrating Gaels?For example, the costumer on the movie Braveheart didn't do much historical research by fitting Mel Gibson with a kilt.The problem has been with the media response, particularly from the tabloid press.It's become one of the big cultural phenomena of this part of the year and people are looking for something to write about it, something provocative.Four cousins compete to have the most memorable outfit at their first Holy Communion.This episode shows how Romani gypsies and travellers' attempts to live a traditional life can get them in trouble with the law.He was playing the role of a 13th century warrior, wearing a 17th century garment and painting a blue face from the 2nd century.There is no evidence in early Irish records to support the theory that the kilt was invented in Ireland.There is also some confusion about the garments worn by soldiers and knights.They were wearing quilted armor from the Middle Ages known as cotuns in Irish.