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In March 2012, Chatzky released her highly anticipated new book, Money Rules.

Chatzky is a sought-after motivational speaker, as well as a respected consultant to businesses and company executives.

If something arises that must be dealt with ASAP, that still doesn't mean in the emotional moment.

Calmly give your spouse or partner at least few hours' notice and have an impromptu meeting later that day.

Anyone who tells you women don’t need financial advice specifically for them is wrong.In addition to her professional work, Chatzky serves on the board of the Children’s Heart Foundation and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, she is also a member of the Trustees’ Council of Penn Women and is on the board of the Kelly Writers House, also at Penn.Chatzky will then go to the phone lines and Twitter feeds so that viewers can take part in the discussion and get answers to their financial questions.The show will also include several branded segments: Money Matters with Jean Chatzky is produced from NBC Studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.Money Matters with Jean Chatzky is hosted by one of America’s most popular personal finance experts, Jean Chatzky -- an award-winning journalist, bestselling author, and financial editor for NBC’s TODAY Show.In the show, Chatzky helps set viewers on the path to financial health by offering her thoughtful advice to viewers during this live one-hour call-in show.Think about the situations in which each one usually rears its head and if there’s a pattern.Once you have a handle on it, you'll better be able to express it to your partner.Exhibit A: Your partner is in the shower, and you open the credit card statement — you’re upset, and you come running upstairs to tell them how they spent money isn’t okay, says Bari Tessler, financial therapist and author of The Art of Money.In that scenario, the timing isn’t great, one person feels attacked and an argument is almost inevitable.