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Jon and Kate take Cara and Mady to American Girl in New York City for their 6th birthday.The Gosselins also attend a reunion for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), in which the sextuplets spent the first few weeks of their lives.She also starts to make plans for the sextuplets' tenth birthday.The Sextuplets' tenth birthday has arrived and Kate is re-doing the carnival theme from their third birthday, but a more grown-up version, which includes Cara and Maddy (who are now 13) and their friends running some of the games.The party turns out to be a huge success and at the end the sextuplets' birthday present, from Kate, is a Gator. This year's birthday is spent overnight at a hotel, with each of the six inviting one friend each, including Cara and Maddy, makes for a total of fourteen kids, plus a friend of Kate's.The birthday plans also include going to a roller rink, eating a local pizza restaurant, followed by a few different cakes, designed by the sextuplets.The show premiered on the Discovery Health Channel on April 10, 2007. Following the Gosselins' divorce in 2009, the final episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 aired on November 23, 2009. Cameras follow Jon and Kate, around, one year after their first special, Surviving Sextuplets and Twins.

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She’s excited, this is a chance to start something new.” “She finds it hard to meet men in her day to day life,” the source continued, “and so a dating show will give her exactly the help she needs. (This episode is a prequel to a cross-over in the "Alaskan Hospitality" episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska, which was seen the following month).It's Halloween at the Gosselin household and the kids are more excited than ever.Jon and Kate bring Alexis to a reptile museum for her "special day", and Jon brings Collin to a train museum for his "special day".The rest of the kids are left at Aunt Jodi's and major meltdowns occur. Jon and Kate decide to go camping in their own back yard.“There’s gold in the Gosselins, just waiting for someone to scoop it up! Kate Plus 8 (formerly Jon & Kate Plus 8) is an American reality television series starring The Gosselin family.The Gosselin family gets even bigger when Kate decides to get chickens for the family.At the same time, Kate decides to create a list for systems around the house, as a single mom, needs to learn to take care of.Motion TV learning system including The Wonder Pets and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.Jon and Kate take their brood to New York City for the day, while they make the rounds of talk shows to promote their book, Multiple Blessings, and at the same time decide to tour the Big Apple, play in Central Park and then take a carriage ride around the park.