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"I think they’re still trying to figure it out, to be honest," said Abramson. There were no rumors of a separation [at that time].But I think, for the both of them, they were trying to figure things out and save the relationship.” Abramson admitted it took some convincing for Letourneau to revisit her shocking past for the special. “I think she was a little nervous about getting started. I think she definitely took responsibility for her actions."And I think she wanted to tell her side of the story for the first time. The platform and the presentation of it.” Letourneau was a married mother of four when her relationship with Fualaau began. Those raw emotions were still close at hand.” Letourneau, who quickly became the subject of tabloid fodder across the country, still appeared frustrated with the media scrutiny over the years. She now gives back as a paralegal, helping other people in prison fighting for themselves.

Letourneau eventually pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree child rape and was sentenced to six months in jail. It was always the headline, ‘Mary Kay Letourneau sleeps with her former student’ when in her mind, this was a long, emotional love affair that lasted for 20 plus years now.” Letourneau also claimed in the documentary that she didn't think the forbidden romance could result in an arrest. "I think she served her time and since she’s been out, she’s been a valuable member of the community. She stayed in that small Washington state town for all these years. “She’s still in touch with her four older children from her first marriage. It’s pretty remarkable what she has done.” “Mary Kay Letourneau: Autobiography” premieres Tuesday, May 29th at 8 p.m. But as part of her plea bargain, Letourneau agreed to avoid any further contact with Fualaau, a condition she violated in 1998, when she became pregnant a second time by Fualaau. Abramson said Letourneau, now working as a paralegal, insisted she felt injustice and betrayal when she lost contact with her children at the time of her sentencing. “Nowadays, we hear so many [similar] stories over the past 20 years,” said Abramson. And I think people respect her for it.” An inmate who was in the same prison as Letourneau also claimed the fallen teacher was a model prisoner while she was separated from her children. “I think reliving the time in prison was brutal,” he said. “Especially female teachers and young male students. In her mind, it was consensual even though obviously at the age of 13, you can’t give consent. So I think she was either in denial, oblivious, or really, feeling the feelings instead of seeing the clinical nature of the crime she had committed.” Letourneau went on to also claim how the then-teenager instigated the relationship with his increasingly aggressive advances. “She was trying to make the best use of her time,” said Abramson. She said she regretted doing what she did and she made a mistake.But clearly, when she had two kids, her life came out of that.If you get triggered by affair sex, skip this article. I do not want to hurt anyone by this very serious material and its implications. For those of you still here, I hope that all of you will make your wayward spouses read this article.I hope you will make your sexually-active adult children (or teens) read this article.Their relationship ultimately sent her to prison for nearly eight years before the controversial couple married on May 20, 2005 — he was 22 by then. In the documentary, Letourneau detailed how her forbidden romance with Fualaau, now 34, came to be, as well as how it both fascinated and disturbed the country.Fualaau, lawyers, friends, as well as a fellow prison inmates also chose to participate in the special.Just a quick one to say that Word Press has been extremely demanding about installing version 4.0.1 to cover a security hole in earlier versions.Unfortunately it has some sort of database error for me and it’s making page loads 12-15 seconds long.