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I am male 58 Muslim from Chennai Tamilnadu India an Ex Industrialist but VICTIM now hence seeking a RICH soulmate widow or divorce mostly from abroad or in India with helping tendancy plus accommodation facilities. An ever-increasing number of holiday-makers are coming to Kerala, India’s most literate state, to enjoy its wonderful beaches and legendary hospitality.Thrissur was once the capital of the Kingdom of Cochin.

The city has one of the most important temples of Hindu Shaivism, that is the Vadakunnathan temple.These menhirs are memorials put up at burial sites for the departed souls.They belong to the Megalithic Age of Kerala, which is roughly estimated between 1000 All such monuments have not been dated exactly.Since 1944, it has been protected by the Department of Archaeology.The monument is locally known as Padakkallu or Pulachikkallu.The district is also home of one of the most holiest Hindu Vaishnava temples, the Guruvayur temple.Christianity, Islam and Judaism entered into the Indian subcontinent through the Thrissur District.Some experts are of the view that these are the remnants of the Neolithic Age in the development of human technology.The Ramavarmapuram menhir is also believed to be a monument belonging to the Sangam period in the South Indian history.Though most of the monuments were well protected, the dolmen at Porkulam was in a neglected condition.The monument excavated under eminent Archaeologist B. Thapar, between 19, was under the Department of Archaeology.