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The song was released as the album's lead single on March 18, 2009, featuring the b-side "Dr." "Wild" was written and produced by Michio and T.

Kura, while the latter track was written and produced by long-time collaborator Nao'ymt.

You could say that she is like the beautiful heroine in a tragic story.

Namie received many national and international music awards including: “Inspiration Award Japan”, “Most Impressive Performing Asian Artist” in 2005 (my MTV Awards), and many other.

Charting as a double a-side, "Wild/Dr." became Amuro's first number one single on the Japanese Oricon Singles Chart since her 2008 single "60s70s80s" and her tenth number one overall.

Videos for both "Wild" and "Dr." were shot, the first being set on a futuristic planet while the latter was Amuro's first animated video.

Both "Wild" and "Dr." have been included on two concert tours conducted by Amuro, including her Namie Amuro Best Fiction tour 2008–2009 and Namie Amuro Past While she was promoting Best Fiction on her Best Fiction Tour, Amuro confirmed that all future singles would be revealed through commercial endorsements deals rather than being pre-released independently; both "Wild" and "Dr." appeared as the advertising theme songs for Coca-Cola Zero and a Vidal Sassoon commercial.

Both "Wild" and "Dr." received positive reviews from most music critics.