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Reply Oh, my gosh, this sounds just like the nutter I’ve been with for the past year and a half, and engaged to, who also demanded the ring back, and who’s also a grotesque hoarder, cheater, and woman-beater. Mine is indignant that I finally referred to him as a “fat, ugly piece of shit”, to which my rejoinder was, “That wasn’t what I meant to say. She has successfully over the 4 years i have known her to keep everything, family, friends, her life? We havnt any mutual friends, no mutual contact with our family’s? Her house was to be kept spotless at all times (almost as if it were a meauseam). It was terrifying and an ordeal that wouldn’t wish on anybody.I have to admit that even though I’ve been put through the wringer, I’m fascinated by male narcissists’ combination of utter repulsiveness and ability to attract and retain women. I actually think you’re a fat, ugly, soulless, slovenly, misshapen, unintelligent but pedantic, old, stingy, foul-smelling piece of shit with two entirely separate tufts of hair on his head who for some ungodly reason thinks he could have been a model”. She eventually kicked me out over a lack of doing chores/me standing up saying that her demands were unreasonable. the parttern continued, she kicked me out 4 times in the 5 weeks that I lived there. Our relationship ended on Christmas Day 2015 when I had to ask him to leave my house as his behaviour was intolerable I was accused of ruining Christmas being selfish and lazy , I’m nuts and all manner or insults. He really never did any hoovering, he never asked me to go back to him, and he seems to be happy and with this same woman now for almost a year.I have to keep telling myself that nothing was real. That is so messed up an abnormal to me and I believe to any normal relationship. we both work about 50 hours a week but her job seemed to take precedence: aka SHE had a long day, SHE was tired, No one can relate to her job…if it wasnt possible for anyone else to have hard days at work. I’m grateful I am where I am today because a year ago I would have responded to him immediately and would have done anything to see him.He had no feelings for me, and even today I fight myself because I thought I loved him, and honestly believed no one could be so evil. She has pushed me to the point once again where i have no choice but to leave her. due to this attitude, the relationship shifted to me doing house work. Not wanting to cause a scene in front of my 11-12 yr old son… This email proved to me that I have changed and that’s amazing- maybe that’s why I got it- a universal sign that I’m on the right track. They truly don’t give up in most cases…I personally got rid of an email I’d had for about 18 years for that very reason.

My hope is that he had already found his next victim and moved on without a second thought to me. I am depend on him for financial reasons because of things he did to me to cause me physical injury so I was not able to work for two years. Every time I discuss a topic he doesn’t want to hear he threatens to leave, and he does quite often sometimes for 1 week, 2 weeks a month and then comes back that he will get a divorce and things will get better. I spend all the hours with him for every procedure. He never cared that I was upset and crying about things. I cooked for him and did his laundry and tended to all his personal paper work he didn’t have the attention span to do. I said to him I knew you were going to do this again and his reply smugly was I guess you know me by now. She asked me out..things were great and moved very quickly. He has an alcohol problem which I believe breeds his narcissism- this is not an excuse- this is the reality.

He keeps telling me and texting me over and over all the “ bad things I’ve done to him” At no moment he has accept his faults and the mistakes and things he has done to me. Married a 25 years younger women 3 month after breaking up with me. Its been the most challenging thing in my life, I’m not the same person. It happens that my mother passed away 2 month ago, he came to her funeral without being invited. Now he has call me several time, wants to see me , send me text with pictures of us , and new pictures of him in his spectacular fit body! She talks such a big game but then never does anything. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s the truth. Kim Reply Im not a psychology expert and Im sure Kim answered ur question best but it sounds like shes more likely bpd and that would be ur best bet for ur investigation. He would contact me and expect me to be upset and I acted like I wasn’t. He asked me if I saw us together or a future with him, and I told him NO because he was mean, malicious and not a nice person.(and since he wanted me hooked on him emotionally, and I wasnt) I tested him and then said.. Reply This is a log of events I’ve been writing down Re my narc sociopathic ex bf. Please leave your opinions as im im trying to work through what’s happened.

He excuses himself of why he has done this or that, but not me for making mistakes. I was in a relationship for 6 years and then again he came back for 3 more years . I Used to be a top producer independent person with lots of motivation in life. He said I’m a special person , that he cares about me and has not forgotten his promise to help me pay my house! How she could be happy in soooo many different ways. She drinks, smokes alot of pot, goes to the bars, has her circle of friends to get high with. She has made out with a guy in the bar right in front of me and actually said to me? Men usually have a tendency to fall under the npd criteria where women usually are more under the bpd area, hence the lack of information on women who have npd. I’m ashamed to say this…but this is just another mess he left for me to clean up alone. First off, she thinks that my abandonment issues (thanks to her!!!! But if you’d like to be “friends with benefits” I’m all for that , since that’s all we’ve got. Oh I see,your ok with that because there is no emotions involved. Well needless to say, he discarded me after that conversation which I was OK with, because it was the easier way out, without aggravation and without my having to sleep with one eye open. I’m 96% over the “beast” i will never acknowledge such a pig again in my life.

He’s been trying to make kind contact for three days now after a bit over 5 weeks of a silent treatment. She would threaten to throw away or break all my items in the house. I will never know how many women he slept with behind my back. I am taking steps now to regain my life, I have chronic anxiety and feel like wreck but this website and others are the light at the end of the tunnel for me x Reply I do I know for sure if my ex-husband is a narcissist? That’s a very common question that you present…and my perspective is that whether he’s a narcissist or just “having a mid-life crisis” isn’t really what needs to be examined.

I of course have not given in & am going to see my no contact out through the end. Does the Jekyll & Hyde morph over into stage one again & the cycle continues? A never ending barrage of her dislike and hatred of other people! threaten to call the cops….there were even times she threw me out…then the next morning she would be mad at me for leaving. Ultimately, he has broken trust, lied, and cheated.

No account no sighn up and no private video chat sexy