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Her focus was not just on my face, but seemed to roam. “Before I sign, there is one thing that I need you to do for me.” “Name it,” she said moving her hand to her skirt again.

As I read, there were two other times that she tugged on her skirt. I put my hand on hers stopping her and said, “Jill, if you’ll stop yanking on your hem every day to cover the half inch of stocking that I get to see occasionally, I’ll sign the contract.” “That you get to see? That little sliver of your leg is one really fine distraction and you keep covering it up.

Not that I would perv out and bury my nose in her hair, but on occasion while we worked together on something we would be side by side and opportunities presented themselves.

She always dressed professionally, naturally, after all as the CIO, she was constantly meeting people.

Her beautiful face gave nothing away as Jill approached me. “You got it, boss,” I replied in kind, now free to admire her swaying ass as she continued to her office.

As six approached, I began to wonder what Jill had in mind.

I began to wonder if she was doing it just to annoy me. What do you say, half an inch of leg, and I‘ll sign.” “Only if you agree to my one demand,” Jill retorted.“And what pray tell would that be?

Her trim hips swayed gracefully and demanded as much attention.

There were some groans, but the joke seemed to lighten the mood just a bit.

I then went into my actual presentation which lasted about an hour and a half.

At six, laptop in hand I knocked on Jill’s office door. “Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about you, you like directness and you don’t waste a lot of time,” I replied. “Good,” she said pulling down on the hem of her skirt to cover the top of her hose near the chair.

“Come.” “If only,” I thought to myself as I entered. “Yeah, I know that my reputation is that I’m a workaholic,” she intoned as she crossed from behind her desk to take a chair next to me. “I’ve taken the liberty of getting your new contract prepared.