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One big giant loop and when you’re done, you’ve accomplished NOTHING. Rep, she transferred me to the Security Freeze Department . I’ve wasted three days trying to freeze my Equifax account.

Can’t freeze account on the website, can’t freeze the account with the Response Center, and can’t freeze the account through the automated phone service. Currently waiting for Customer Service to see if maybe they can assist me and was transferred to the automated service which is not presently working/enabled. I called Experian, they put a freeze and fraud alert on my account for free within five minutes!

Reply My husband and I found out that we both had been impacted by the carelessness of Equifax. I am on Social Security and don’t have the money to keep shipping pounds of the same documents by certified mail RRR now for the 3rd time. ) All I want is a copy of MY correct credit file in my name! This is the last time I am going to waste my time and money with Equifax.

When I went to report it to them three people said that they couldn’t do anything for us because we only have one e-mail account. The e-mail isn’t like your social security number, and the lack of computer programing efficiency to support the customer in this situation is alarming. I sent in over 20 pages of required documentation to prove who I was, plus a copy of the police report, proof of going to the IRS and what they did, proof of going to SSA, etc in 2014. If I could “vote” a negative “star” in this rating, I would.

I called back spoke to a lady who literally wanted me to verify everything on my credit report ( card balances, credit limits, auto loan, and all my inquiries) before she would help me out.

Then she kept putting me on mute and coming back on laughing.

The other method was to call and hold forever to 8-866-410=8643 and take to a “no records department”.

When they finally answer the call, they have no idea what you are talking about, plus I found they are apparently too pre-occupied with other things since they don’t respond until you ask if they are still on the line. Today (in 2017) after finally getting a live person at the live-call-center who told me all she could do is direct me to send in more documents to PO Box 105252 in Atlanta, Georgia…

The hackers were able to obtain social security and driver’s license numbers. I believe to be discriminated against because I am a woman.i am glad to be on a class action suit that will pay us back millions and then hopefully crash this PIECE OF S**T COMPANY .I have taken a 100 point drop because of this company and they refuse to live up to the fact they are incompetent as hell. government under MR TRUMP needs to do something ASAP before someone really throws them a curve ball legally they cant side step.When you call them, they can’t find you, and want to personally take you information.Those persons are unknown and certainly no one I’d provide information to in an unsecured manner.The first guy I spoke with transferred me to fraud even though I repeatedly told him my issue wasn’t a fraud issue.The fraud guy listened to my story said he couldn’t help and then said he also wasn’t able to transfer me back to customer service.We are senior citizens, and have had just one-mail for the last few years. If Equifax wants to respond or update me as to this complaint, guess what?Write me a letter and send it by USPO certified, RRR!When I asked if they were in the United States, they said no in another country. When you ask them to transfer you to someone in the United States you get put on hold, then moments later disconnected. I sent in a second set of 9 pages of documentation proving legal name, address, SSN, gov’t ID, etc. I am sending in a 3rd and last set of more copies of the same federal and state ID including court orders (AGAIN) and this time with copies going to Richard F. I solved this same problem with 2 phone calls talking with a supervisor after I sent in 1 packet of 5 documents to Trans Union back in 2014, and it was the same documents I’m now sending to these morons in Georgia for the 3rd time (plus adding an additional 7 documents.It seems to me the United State Attorney should go after Equinox, especially when if the news is accurate, the head guys of Equinox sold their stocks to avoid taking a loss before telling anyone. Smith, Chairman & CEO, plus to the PO Box 105252 in Atlanta, Georgia…and I am including all of the previous correspondence. Well, my date of birth has been on my federal ID for cazilion years (that I’ve now sent in 3 times, and trust me, my date of birth has not changed in 66 years and I don’t expect it to change, either! 5 7=12 incase the math is too difficult for Equifax to comprehend).