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I suspect that this phenomenon is partly a generational artifact that will normalize with time.Almost all of the gen-X/early gen-Y Asians that I know were raised byfirst generation parents, who naturally attempted to instill the valuesthat let them find a footing so far from their homeland.

A father’s loving gesture has gone viral after the mother’s outrageous reaction.The mother, identified only as “Babymom,” responded by using racist language in the texts.She told her baby daddy that she did not want her daughter to have an “ugly black hairstyle.” Nick made the simple, solid point that his daughter is biracial and her mother should be able to love all of her.Sure some did extremelywell through business ventures or savvy investments, but from what I'veseen, most took the conservative route of working for the man (or foracademia), while carrying on frugal habits from poorer times to crawlup the class ladder.(Ever wonder why some Asian households in the 80s seemed to have a lot of fast food ketchup packets and branded napkins lying around?Black dad Nick Harris shared screenshots of a racist text conversation with his baby’s mother, who happens to be white.Harris had taken their young daughter to get her hair cornrowed – something that a lot of black and mixed race kids do on a regular basis.It's frustrating and emasculating for Asian males.It's much easier for a White male to date an Asian female, than for an Asian male to date a White female.“It’s crazy that you can’t accept the ‘black’ half of our child,” he wrote. I'm related to several Asian girls who grew up in the 80s and who exclusively date non-Asians. From what I've gathered, some of the bias stems from the perception that Asian guys are "boring" or too much like one's parents.