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Their mission is quite simple: to (very brief) lessons on grammar, vocab and conversation which all contain both written explanations and audio recordings.Here are a few other suggestions that might help improve Bitesize Irish Gaelic: If you’re planning to learn Irish Gaeilge or looking for an online tool that explains everything clearly and succinctly, then Bitesize Irish Gaelic is something I highly recommend you try.They also have a these books in addition to Bitesize (all of which I now own and use myself): Gaeilge Gan Stró (the best book series available for Irish that I’ve ever seen) Colloquial Irish (for scripted dialogue this is probably the best in terms of it being naturally spoken) Turas Teanga – A New Multimedia Course For Learning Irish Speaking Irish – An Ghaeilge Bheo (superb multi-dialect interviews) Teach Yourself Irish I'm an Applied Linguistics graduate, teacher and translator.This is not a major issue but since these are sequential lessons that are it would be a nice touch to periodically quiz the learner on what they’ve covered so far.A small test can be really helpful in assessing whether or not you can actually recall what you’ve covered.Words are strung together and spoken very quickly so it’s important that learners are exposed to natural speech from day one so they can begin to train their ears to recognize the sounds in the target language.Colloquial Irish and Turas Teanga are two excellent examples of this.Having 155 lessons means that there’s plenty of useful vocabulary and expressions even as a later reference.Take for example lesson 120 – When people talk naturally sounds get assimilated, deleted, doubled, etc.In terms of the difficulty level it does begin with content aimed at the absolute beginner (how to say ) and then works up to an upper elementary level with slightly more advanced features of grammar.The main thing that I like about Bitesize is the way that it simplifies its explanations about many features of Irish, particularly where other sites and books aren’t as clear.