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He may see you as sexual companionship or a close friend while dating you, but that doesn’t mean he sees marriage, kids or a long term relationship with you.Unlike other relationship help books, Rori offers specific information to get through any and all issues that could arise in your relationship.There are plenty of tools out there that can offer you specific ways of getting at least one date or meeting new people you might be interested in.You only meet the guy you are with once but your relationship with has the possibility of lasting for much longer than that one moment in time.The result is instead of being the girl who can never keep a boyfriend, gets cheated on or treated poorly, you become the woman who has her man hanging on her every word and gets all the love, security and affection you deserve.

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Of course, for most women who hear that and have already invested a year, we tend to try harder.

is both about transcending into your true self while using the right words to gain actual results that reinforce yourself and your relationship.

In this case, you don’t have to take for granted that what Rori is offering works; she already has the proof in her 20 plus year marriage.

So once we achieve the attention, interest and commitment of the opposite sex, how do we keep it? Rori Raye has decades of experience in managing a successful relationship of her own plus she manages her own practice where she counsels women like you in how to get the most out of their relationships.

Rori can’t be everywhere, but her website and same-title book can.