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Despite the dec- lining standards of football in Calcutta, the stands are never empty Many young men stand in queues for two days at a stretch to buy tickets.

On completion of the mas- sive Eden Cardens ground, matches involving the big three clubs, known as exhibition matches, were shifted from club grounds to Eden Cardens, which has a capacity of 80,000. The new Sait Lake Sta- dium was inaugurated last year. pur, the venue of the 42nd Santosh Trophy, as u well-knit combination.

Players being whisked away after the transfers by club officials that despite the blatant display and usage of black money, the standard of football remains abysmally low. Federation Internationale tie Footbaii Association (FIFA) the game's international controlling body, ranked India 95th among 158 countries on the basis of home-and- away performances And the Asian Football Confederation (AFCONJ, affiliated to FIFA, accorded India 17th position among 35 member countries.

Die-hard supporters paid us much as Rs ZOO in the black mar ket for h day’s ticket actually costing only Rs If*. CI eqi 4 ‘BJjdw B/[ xassng eqi jo amjuo Apy aqx 9 S0 P -luojqn i BUf Spo eqi u| sewio H Aq epeui Aganpe lueuteieis snouiaj isorn eqi Atqsqoic) o Buenj Aaqqy aqi jo Bjmjua Apy aqx g jujb Bb ie A ‘mog jo u8[$ eqi 9 (uib Ob eouo ‘mog jo t Ojs *U S ‘mogjo u Ujs eqx Z mogjo u Sfs oqx l goio Ajq qojq M uj. (- irnplementrrs our model ol development is divisive and nurtures two nations where there should be one.

Interestingly, the pro- ceeds from exhibition matches do not go to the clubs but to the state government's exchequer. sepjois Apao eqi bjb Aeqx 9 Mog jaaq bjjj pue euoig ufi Bzepf aqi jo ami UBApy eqi 8 09‘4 pu» 89 9 uee Mjeq Ajrep ejeqi punoj aq (gis Abui gojo Ajq *MOuq bm |(B joj qnp seue Soi Q eqx 4 ‘ua/q ftopue Q aqi jo amt UBApy aqx u; se Sas -sam eqi 8u)jeqdpep uj seui|OH pedfeq e Spei Mouq sjqx no os pua ‘uaqo }soui puooes x ‘uego j BOtu pesn 8} g "q8f|8ug uj sja})a[ peso uaqo isoui aqi an oje nv iu ajenei eqx 9 ‘8u|deeq-eeg g -qooq -es BQ eqi uiojj qioq ‘eua/q s t uojq aqi jo amiuo Apy aqx pile mjp •[os paqouajg eqi jo emiua Apy eqx 9 •mnesnjq qsqug eqi jbbu ‘) aajig an8v)aojq uq S ns}t(-n( jo uo|}Bpunuojde|ut b sbm nsqj Bg eq Aejq -sijb (Bjbiu asaaedef eqj uj s}8)xe enb)uqoei 8uj -iq8g ipns oh ’ In- realised bv the inline establishment of pol it n .iafis. then tht: cntir al challenge is around the mobilisation ol resources to assist oui impover jshed too millions to catch up with The* J #, sl 1 he trouble is that those who ait* more fortunate are fearful ol Rotting stuck in sui h a salvage opera- tion, an operation that would postpone their own enjoyment of the good life' I'lus continental coutradii tion oi divide be- tween the rich and the pool, the educated and uneducated, the employed and unemployed, the housed and shelter less, the set establishment, for no f aulf ol its own.

Come March each year and the local dailies are full of details of payments promised to players by the clubs.

But the government's eyebrows are not raised Not even by the fact club officials.