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The ridiculous drama and flamboyant action scenes undermine all that.

There is no harmony whatsoever between all of the elements, and it ends up as a mess.

It’s very likely this show will leave us hanging with a “to be continued…” sort of ending since there’s still more material to cover. So at least I’ll know that Tokyo Ghoul has a complete ending somewhere.The huge amount of fighters keeps thing fresh and interesting, although I wish some of the fights lasted a bit longer.For example, I’m surprised Amon took out the twins so quickly.I’m assuming they’ll lose in order to show us how beastly this special ghoul is.Likewise, the Doves really have no chance against the one-eyed ghoul.I’m not even sure why his weapon was considered a “dirty trick.” He just went from one sword to two smaller swords…and that suddenly made him powerful enough to kill them both.I can see how that might catch one of them off-guard, but geez, that’s not a very “exciting” final weapon for Amon to have.But all this weird cramming, skipping, and unfortunate censoring aside…the fights are fun to watch if you just ignore absolutely everything aside from the fact that other dudes are getting ripped apart.There’s something satisfying about seeing an all-out brawl between two forces.It’s unlikely I’ll read the manga at this point, but it’s there in case anyone gets pissed off at the anime ending and wants to see what actually happens. Maybe it’s been a while, maybe I was distracted or maybe I have a bad memory.Whatever the case, I felt a nagging sensation that this wasn’t Tokyo Ghoul and that I had downloaded the wrong episode by mistake.