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And compared my results with what Josh Lehrer and David Farkas posted on Red Dot Forum once the new firmware was available.

Naturally, Josh and David used the fastest card they could find, which is the Lexar 2000X UHS-II.

Try to go into the menu settings and change the usb---auto-detect ---MSC I just changed mine and now it looks like a regular device in exlorer now try and reformat I have tried it and it works fine but I can assume no responsibility for any adverse action you get good luck let me know how it turns out Yes I have the 1Gig model karrie What do you mean it won't let you format it. The darn thing still would not work, so i took it back to Best Buy today, they gave me store credit because they were all sold out of the 1gb, so now i got to find something else to buy, got any ideas? i've tried this on three other computers and they all say the same thing. Yeah, i had a problem similar with the sandisk mp3 too.

Here is a little util for formating usb devices it might work try this link for helping me find out that setting of usblol! I will look at the site, it might help me with my new mp3 that i get. if there's any possible thing i can do, please tell me. They are not very user friendly, i had alot of problems with it. also you can go to the website get an update for it if it is the 1GB model.

This will be a serious issue for users of all makes of camera. It is faster, but it is impossible to quantify this.

Other wise when new device pops up go to my computer double click and right-mouse click on the device drive e: ....

It goes like this after you click YES to updating the firmware: Firmware updates uncompresses (1/2 minute), installs (3.5 minutes) and optimizes (ca. The screen then says "Update Successfull" for 10 seconds and turns off the screen.

I think the profiles is only asked if you actually have set up your own user profiles.

Was not asked to save anything at the start and got clear messages all the way through.

At the end the camera rebooted to the new firmware without a power cycle.