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It's difficult to imagine anything that would intimidate Sarah Paulson.She's an actress who seems to choose roles for their audacity, and she inhabits her characters fearlessly– whether she's playing Marcia Clark in , Steven Spielberg’s film about the late Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham (Meryl Streep) and the legal battle around the Pentagon Papers, Paulson admits that she began “totally freaking out.”"This movie, for all of its historical importance, is so much more than a history lesson,” says Paulson, who plays Tony Bradlee, the wife of editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks).“My mother had a cotillion,” Paulson says, “but she wanted to be bohemian.”The family moved into a one-bedroom apartment in Queens; Paulson’s mother took a job as a waitress at the theater district haunt Sardi’s and finagled tuition for a private middle school for Paulson by working in the school’s office.“She was ballsy and brave and refused to take no for an answer,” Paulson says. Molecularly, we have that as part of our DNA.”Paulson says the move undoubtedly raised her career’s trajectory.Friends Sarah Paulson and Amanda Peet shared a casual kiss Sunday while posing for photos on the Golden Globes red carpet.

Her relationship with actress Holland Taylor, who is 30 years older than she, has inspired legionsof fans who appear to be seriously invested in the romance.She jokes that she knew she wanted to become an actress while still in utero, and began seeking the spotlight soon after her worldly debut.In the decades since, she has managed to work almost incessantly, starting with an off-Broadway role at age 12 and a guest spot on just after she graduated from New York City’s La Guardia High School, in 1993, where she studied performing arts, before attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.“Going to the next level means that you’re at the bottom of the next rung,” she says.She points out that she’s now vying for roles with many top-tier actresses. I don’t expect to get offered the roles before them, but I still want them.” She smiles.Indeed, it’s also the first time Spielberg, Hanks, and Streep have collaborated on a project, making it a film landmark as well.“These are arguably the most respected filmmakers and actors of their generation,” Paulson says. It was a pinch-me moment.” “It’s head-spinning,” she says over tea in West Hollywood.“All it means is that I have to keep working the way I always have, leaving my ego at home and trying to just think about what is true. She couldn’t care less if her characters are likable. I’m interested in what makes them human.” To portray these personalities, she says that she must putaside her own disdain for them and play the characters unapologetically.The roles she takes may be wildly diverse, but she brings to each a trademark intensity.“She is ferocious and versatile and deeply real,” says actress Amanda Peet, Paulson’s best friend of 20 years. Within seconds of meeting her, I was laughing so hard—the kind of laughing where you’re like, ‘Someone should call an ambulance.’ ” Paulson’s colleagues agree that she can bring humor even to the darkest parts and moments.Our relationship represents a certain amount of hope and risk. Maybe it encourages others to make brave choices.” She pauses again. We love each other.” An aversion to tradition seems to run in Paulson’s family.Her mother, who gave birth to Paulson in Tampa when she was 21 and to Paulson’s sister when she was 23, decided to uproot the family and move to New York City without Paulson’s father to pursue a writing career alone.