The rules of dating after divorce

After Defendant is served, you must have the original Summons filed along with your proof that Defendant was served.If you efile your documents, you will be agreeing to be served with future legal documents electronically.To use the automated interview, please visit the Complaint for Divorce page.At the end of the interview you will have to print your forms, sign them, and then file them with the family court.The Clerk of Court uses this information to open your case and to make sure all of your cases are assigned to the same judge.

Are you aware of your role in the marriage’s demise?Be sure to use an email address that you will check regularly so that you do not miss important legal documents filed in your case.If your email addresses changes, you must update that information in your efile account. After you complete the steps on this page, a copy of the summons and complaint (and anything else you filed) must be hand-delivered to your spouse (the “Defendant”). The Summons is not filed right away – instead the Clerk “issues” a Summons by stamping and dating it.You will receive the original back, and you must make a copy to serve on the Defendant.You can pay by cash, money order, or most major credit/debit cards.If you cannot afford the fee, please see Filing Fees and Waivers to find out how to ask the court to waive the fee.So how can you start off on the right foot when you're just beginning to dip your toes back into the dating pool?Here are 15 essential tips to follow: Psychotic optimism is my philosophy on love, which I’m spreading to everyone who will listen.Make sure you understand the basic divorce concepts before filling out any forms. You can also visit the Divorce Overview and Custody Overview pages to learn the basics of filing for divorce/custody in Nevada.There is a FREE DIVORCE CLASS where you can learn the basics of divorce law and court procedures. There is an automated divorce interview available that will complete your forms for you after you answer some questions about what you want to request.