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We were able to speak to a manager and her response was “kids always come in the store and mess up the toy isle and parents leave kids unsupervised”. Very rude business and I’ll just move on from shopping because I’m sure the Dm will never get the message anyway. I put the receipt in the bag and threw the dang bag away.

My wife’s response was our kids were never unattended and we were with them or knew where they were at all times. I’m buying the same items but at a higher cost because they were out of the one I needed right? That’s why walmart is walmart and fred’s is fred’s smh. We they didn’t fit so when I went in to exchange for some more expensive blinds they tried to give me the sale price.

This bunch is to comfortable and dont care, they think they are secure in their jobs.

She put me on hold with an attitude and came back and said no one else was available. She said she would relay the message to them and all this is over 80cents.

This same manager hired a friends daughter whom i was told by the most recent employee that had sex in the store bathroom with different guys Ive been told that ones they know can use another bar code and ring beer up for beer.

Also, they are ringing up items they want for ten cents by using other codes.

I called corporate and they made a case Reply On March 2, 2018 I went into Fred’s to buy Verizon Minutes the store manager rung me up and he was swiping my verizon refill card so fast he never charged me for E-911 for my minutes.

I paid for .00 to refill my card and when i tried to put my pin in to load my minutes it never was on my card.