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Treatments included the use of herbs and ointments, charms and prayers, and moral or emotional persuasion.

Mental disorders were treated mainly under Traditional Chinese Medicine using herbs, acupuncture or "emotional therapy".

According to Chinese thought, five stages or elements comprised the conditions of imbalance between Yin and yang.

Mental illness, according to the Chinese perspective is thus considered as an imbalance of the yin and yang because optimum health arises from balance with nature.

These also affected the personality types among people.

Suggested causes included inappropriate diet, disrespect towards the gods, teachers or others, mental shock due to excessive fear or joy, and faulty bodily activity.

They felt that areas of emotional outbursts such as funeral homes could open up the Wei Chi and allow entities to possess an individual.

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This explains why the ancient Chinese believed that a mental illness was in reality a demonic possession.

Three major models, namely, supernatural model, biological model and psychological model.

For much of our recorded history, deviant behavior has been considered a reflection of the battle between good and evil.

Some of these were interpreted later, and renamed as hysteria and melancholy.

Somatic treatments included applying bodily fluids while reciting magical spells.