Updating flash player on psp

[email protected] Give me This Device spmp3055A-hl171 cam driver i have also this device in this i want to update my firmware but No Device Detected ! board id:090818 version: 280-v13 chip : mmspmp 3054a -hl171 0928 camera : xhb 7678f please help me and give the firmware. I'd like to get sony/jxd/SYH firmware and software. How can i know which is control-chip or CPU number? Can you tell me how to get the computer to find the device? Thanks, I NEED HELP, ON THE FRM TOOL, IT SAYS Check ISP core -- FAIL -- ON THE LOG WINDOW AND IS DOES NOT FLASH I NEED TO DO THIS URGENTLY BECAUSE I USED THIS AS A FLASH ASWELL AND IT IS NOT RECOGNIZED IN WINDOWS UNLESS IT IS IN WEBCAM MODE Sorry for bad english. BUT WHILE UPDATING I HAVE DISCONNECTED FROM THE PC BECAUSE IT WAS TAKING LONG TIME.

message is coming Please Please Please Help Me my Mail ID is " [email protected]" i have a mp5 but i cant use it anamore bec. SINCE THAT DAY I AM UNABLE TO CONNECT IT AGAIN TO MY PC. AT THAT TIME I WAS NOT AWARE THAT WHILE UPDATING FIRMWARE PLAYER SHOULD NOT DISCONNECT.

3 system becoming outdated or missing out on cool new features.

CAN ANYONE HELP ME WHICH PINS OF FLASH HAS TO SHORT CIRCUIT OR WHAT TO DO SO THAT IT CAN AGAIN DETECTED BY MY PC.THANKS hi friends , -i do fixen my mp4 player few years ago trying to upgrading it with FM radio firmware, and it works now without bugs. i can hear the fm radio but when i try to open any music files it says "empty disc" . I*m unable to identify my BOARD ID, the only regognizable chip number is on the biggest one chip ATJ2237 ( T je ne sais pas comment faire RESET, j'ai même utilisé HP USB Disk Storage qui ne veut pas marcher non plus...à l'intérieur il est noté sur des puces AK 1025 et puis l'autre Sumsung 843 K9G8G08U0B PCB0...j'ai même acheté une nouvelle batterie Nokia BL-4C..suis sur Win xp... but i do not know what is and where is problem just the thing is A B images. [email protected] When I plug it in to my usb port, my computer does not recognize it.-i have this type of PMP with this Id; PL24-3052-tjlt8-v1.2 -i found the firmware on inder 4share link. i hav a mp4 player and chips are ak1025 and hy27ht088g2a. Pouvez-vous me dire la conduite à tenir pour le débloquer avec un grand merci d'avance. dears hardwarks member i have mp5 spmp 3052b the device still (light your life) i have the device firwer or flasing fils but when i plug in data cable do the flash device on or still same not connet my system plz tell me how i can connet or what make some specail cable for it plz tell me coneting mathod i m wating thnks alote hi friends tell me from where i can download the Image A and B because i am not able to get A image or B image from the player. I know that when you plug something into a usb port, there should be a file that you can pull up with player info and what-not, and the player wont even turn on. Anyone out there know where to download games for this china made Sony PSP???PLEASE HELP THANKS hi everyone i have a mp4 player of jxd.who details which i have found on opening it are as follow: model: jxd 656 cam id : QR768B 20058 LCD ID: NT4SHY3624A 081109 SUNPLUS 3052A-HL171 0834 M187W27 FLASH: HYNIX KOR HY27UT088G2A TPCB 840A ELPDA SINGAPORE D4512816305 A75-9JF 0749XE02T BOARD ID: JXD206DD1 0813 I HAVE UPDATED MY FIRMWARE MANY TIMES BY CONNECTING WITH THE PC. ONE DAY WHEN I WAS UPDATING THE FIRMWARE BY PRESSING TE KEY COMBINATION IT WAS DETECTED BY MY PC.And I was wondering if you got any response to your question. will not work and my system is telling me the error message (does not recognize device. how to modify the brightness and gamma of the camera of the sunplus spmp 3052a hl1s1? ^^ HELP me PLEASE I just got a pmp mp4 diditrl player the instruction are useless does not give any info on how to put music or movies on it. If want any help, contact me [email protected], post your results and links in this forum to help others Hey everybody ! Also my player froses sometime on welcome or in the middle of playing some "strange" video.Please Help thanks Can you Please assist i have installed all drivers and followed your instruction even than i am not detting any message in Log Window. I have no idea what im doing is there a web site or can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to down or upload movies and music on this thing and can i put my own dvd's and cds on it. (Otherway it works fine)The solution is simple : let it go out of power and connect it back to PC when it*s totally empty. MY PROBLEM IS : how to add more games to my mp4, how to manage/modify system files, how to find aproportiate software to recognize the hidden partitions and system files. thx Bonjour tout le monde, j'ai acheté un MP4 Digital Player qui a bien fonctionné 2 mois puis là il reste bloquer avec un écran bleu un sablier qui reste figé ?Your Play Station 3 is not connected to the internet? You can download and transfer the update file (PS3UPDAT.PUP) using a compatible storage device such as Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, a USB key (FAT32) or PSP.please help me how can i make my computer found the driver of my mp5 player .... PMP_and i want to start is show only LIGHT YOUR LIFE and after nothing else is hapend,what i do for reability? It has AV out, USB connector for attaching Pen drive and a micro SD card slot all as inputs. i instaled FRM but i dont now how to work step by step,and firmware i think i need for my pmp,my device is conected with usb to pc and detected IIcatch video and MMCATH video driver found and instaled but i dont now how to proced to put firmware and in frm detected 1 device but i receive vendor comand... please let me know if you want any picture to understand it.