Updating germany projects for a better future

Hoping to introduce a sustainable planning culture in China the German-Chinese information campaign GENIUS led by Dr.

Dirk Schwede of University Stuttgart provides decision-makers with information about its benefits.

City planners across the world can use these to supply their population with what they need, reduce waiting times and trips to work, raise the levels of safety, quality of life and leisure time, and preserve resources.

German traffic researchers are seeking inspiration from Colombian megacities such as Bogotá, Calí and Medellín which have added some colour to their public transport, e.g.

As early as 2002, the government presented its first National Sustainable Development Strategy.

Since then, it has reported on its implementation status every four years in the form of progress reports that also update the strategys content.

Germany committed to ambitious implementation of the agenda from the very outset and has already taken some first important steps towards putting it into practice at national level. Our starting point Whereas Germany has on the whole achieved a very high level of development, further efforts are needed to meet the SDGs at national level and in doing so also make appropriate contributions to meeting the goals globally.

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To make this happen, the agenda calls for governments, the economy and society to change and take action at global, regional and national level to ensure sustainability.express buses, cable cars, Bici-taxis (bicycle rickshaws), rental bicycles and public as well as private taxis.In the absence of strict regulations, this mixture of informal and formal transport providers developed much more dynamically and with greater differentiation than in Germany, as if in fast motion in a real-life laboratory.Work on revising it in the light of Agenda 2030s ambition and goal structure is scheduled to be completed by autumn 2016.1a) The National Sustainable Development Strategy Promoting sustainable development is one of the German governments fundamental goals in all its activities and the yardstick it uses to measure them.C., Boston and New York City have developed a pilot project to better protect people and infrastructures in the cities of the East Coast Metropolitan Area of the United States against the dangers of extreme events.Terrorist attacks, storms and floods have brought these cities to a halt repeatedly in the last few years.The researchers of the campaign network Movi Ci (Movilidad urbana en ciudades intelligentes) led by Mirko Goletz from the DLR Institute of Transport Research gained valuable findings from their experience of Colombia – such as how a greater variety of public transport providers could also work and be integrated in Germany.In the USA, German researchers of the network TAURUS led by Daniel Hiller from the Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics together with experts from Washington D.Still today senior architects, owners and decision-makers focus on aesthetics and size rather than incorporating or paying for sustainable planning of individual buildings.More information "Shaping the Future – Building the City of Tomorrow" The international BMBF campaign “Shaping the Future – Building the City of Tomorrow” will be running until July 2018 and offers 10 excellent research networks from Germany a platform to present their innovative projects for sustainable urban development abroad.