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If events are created in a calendar that syncs over the air (i.e.

mobileme, gmail, yahoo) those events won't sync via an i Tunes tethered sync.

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Create some test events and see if events sync then.In the calendar app when adding an event there is the option called Calendar which lets you select which calendar events are being added to.I would try creating some test events on your i Phone in different calendars if you have multiple.Hope this helps My boss got a new i Phone 4 and uses Outlook '03.We were having issues getting his calendar items to sync back and forth, as he used his i Phone on the road/at home, and the Outlook '03 in the office.So if you travel from San Francisco to New York, your p.m. If you don't want the time zone to update automatically, you can change the Calendar settings on your device.for i OS - Best i Phone Data Manager After fixing your i Phone calendar not syncing issue, you can have a try on this i Phone data management tool to manage and transfer your i OS content in an easy and smart way. Use Any Trans for i OS to manually sync i Phone calendar to i Cloud. You can remove your Google account from Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, and then re-add it.If you want to remove an event on a subscribed calendar, you might need to go to the subscription source—for example, decline an event on Facebook—for it to delete from your i Cloud Calendar.i Cloud makes it easy to keep track of everyone's active schedule.When you set up Family Sharing, it creates a family calendar where everyone can see and add appointments, and they can also get an alert when something changes.To Modify in "List" view:- Tap on appointment Select - "Edit" Under "Calendar" select "Calendar" "From My PC" Select "Done" x2 to return to Event Details Now you're all set.Simply go to i Tunes on your PC and "Sync" once again. I would check on your i Phone that the events aren't being added to another calendar.