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Everything changes when a stranger walks into her coffee shop, realizes what she is, and offers to help.

A young boy befriends a young female monster that lives under his bed, and together they forge a bond that one day becomes something surely impossible... Will they be able to make it through the long dark night together?

Pulp superhero fun with original characters created from an autistic child's mind.

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It puts the cosmos under a microscope, and reality under analysis -- goodness knows it needs it.Menage a 3 follows the lives of comic book geek, Gary and his way-sexier-than-he-is roommates in their Montreal tight-as-a-sandwich apartment; where the walls are so thin there are virtually no barriers between their rooms.Demon magic has recently been outlawed, after being blamed for creating a monster: an infallible magic-immune assassin called Blackbird.The epic long running comic by Pete Abrams about aliens, demons, dating, and bunnies with switchblades."Sluggy Freelance is way too much fun for the increasingly stodgy mainstream newspaper comics pages." - SCI-FI CHANNELA Fantasy/Science fiction parody series that pokes heavy fun at everything World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, RS Salvatore, Dungeons & Dragons, George RR Martin, Everquest, Star Wars, etc.Monica has stopped questioning her own sanity and Tepoz just summoned the fractured remains of a chimera in the form of three drunk college girls.Dark humor and macabre fantasy mix to make a world just like you want to believe in.All that changes when she sees a mysterious flaming object in the sky.The Crimson Claw is a family man - one trying to blend his work and family life together.And who's that creepy guy with the bird mask??Malaya Walters has never met another werewolf, and everything she knows, she's figured out herself.