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Moreover, the former couples, who are parents to their sixteen-year-old Jackson Slade and thirteen years old Beckett Finn, is seeking for the joint custody of their children; so, the boys are now to live under their parents' sole physical and legal care.

Sources claim that Natalie had previously requested that neither of the partners ought to pay support for their children, but later, they stated that Adrian Pasdar was the one to request the court to provide him financial support from Natalie.

The Heroes star, Adrian Pasdar and his wife, the Dixie Chicks' lead singer Natalie Maines, were married for seventeen long years until last year.

Adrian's wife filed the divorce petition back on July 3rd, 2017, stating the reason for separation to be irreconcilable differences.

I’m bad putting into words things like that, but I love her songwriting. Why was the seven years between Taking the Long Way and this new solo album a necessary break for you? I just decided to dive into motherhood and do that 100 percent — just try to enjoy this time and my life and my kids’ lives and be, you know, a stable force in their lives.

Divorce usually turns messy when children are directly involved.

Three years later, the pair became parents, again, with the arrival of their son Beckett Finn Pasdar on July 14, 2004.

Adrian gave a little insight into his family life in an interview, where he stated, It’s a little different than I think your average couple, but still the same things you have to deal with like raising two children and getting them to school on time and homework and dinner.

To quote a Dixie Chicks song, Natalie Maines has “been a longtime gone.” The fearless frontwoman for the female country band — which, before they hit it big, were frequent performers at Sue Ellen’s — has her first solo disc, seven years after , which we reviewed here. I was always able to separate business from personal, and my friends weren’t fellow country artists, so I really didn’t care about that. I say that now and people think, “Ooh, she’s mad at country,” and I never listened to country. Well, they weren’t speaking out about it before, either. How I always viewed country music growing up — why I didn’t really relate to it or why I wasn’t drawn to it — was because, to me, it seemed so fake. Has there been a peace agreement between you and Toby Keith? He could’ve at least had you cuddling with Rachel Maddow. You’ve always had a really loyal gay fan base, even before you publicly chastised George W. [Laughs] But after the controversy, I feel like there was even more of a connection, and that’s just because we both know how it feels to be hated just for who we are — not for doing anything, bothering anyone, murdering anyone or being arrested. Were you noticing more support from the gay community at shows after the incident? And we would get lots of emails, and a lot of the community would come right up and say, “I love that you did this. When hardly anyone in country music was speaking out about equal rights and gay marriage, you were. I try to not predict the future or project; I just really try to live in the now, so I’m open to it. I wouldn’t expect Martie [Maguire] and Emily [Robison] to leave their families and come here to do that, either. With the Dixie Chicks, you covered several Patty Griffin songs, and Mother features Griffin’s song “Silver Bell.” What is it about Patty and her songwriting that resonates with you so much? So there was a lot of self-realization and a lot of things that went on, but yeah, I needed a long while to just … Why was the distinction between this album and your work with the Dixie Chicks important to you? I don’t know if my husband or her girlfriend would think so. We had some very costume-y, over-the-top looks that the gays do appreciate. But also, too, to just continue being and let other people get used to it — learning to be OK with yourself and just putting it out there, and people can either like you or not, but it’s really on them. There are eight kids among the three of us and, for me, making an album takes a lot of focus and a lot of concentration and a lot of time, and I’m not willing to go to Texas to do that. And I hate her because, not only has she written a million songs that are out there, she’s got all these songs that we’ve never even heard. I definitely felt like I had worked really hard and been on the road for over 10 years, so I did want to slow down and just get real for a while.Natalie later opted not to speak or reveal the reason for her split with her partner.Her representative also refused to comment on their divorce issue saying that their split was "a private family matter." Adrian too kept his lip tight and let no word out for clarifying the cause of the divorce.The Dixie Chicks have a way of making even non-country fans love their music. But also, too, to just continue being and let other people get used to it — learning to be OK with yourself and just putting it out there, and people can either like you or not, but it’s really on them.”Although has Natalie making her own very different music, she said there’s still a chance for a Dixie Chicks reunion in the future. I just think it’s really hard right now.”In the meantime, we can enjoy Natalie going on her own.Whether it was “Goodbye Earl” or “Without You,” their songs transcended the genre, their musicianship so strong and frontwoman Natalie Maines‘ voice so recognizable. Bush and created an anti-Chicks frenzy in the conservative areas of the country, , and she is still not ready to make nice with haters. “Yeah, this is definitely a lesbianish haircut I’ve got going on. Now our Chris Azzopardi follows that up with this interview, where Maines reveals why she went rock (country “seemed so fake”), how being disowned — and her new short hair — made her feel closer to the gay community and whether now — a decade after her Bush outburst — she’s ready to make nice. What I cared about was being banned at a corporate level; it felt very un-American and very not OK to me, so that was my issue. I would say that if ever asked, but I was never asked as much as I am now. Everyone was putting on these fake smiles, nobody had any anger and they were all just happy to be there. Dallas Voice: You’re sporting that punkish ’do; before, with the Dixie Chicks, it was the long, blond locks. Well, with the Chicks, I definitely felt like I was playing dress up a bit — but I liked it! Yeah, this is definitely a lesbianish haircut I’ve got going on. In fact, she’s still speaking her mind, and it’s probably not what some fans care to hear. In an interview with Pride Source, Natalie shared her view on the gay community — including her crush on Rachel Maddow.