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Jeffrey Evans, creator of Tiger Text, hopes the app will attract young professionals who already use texting as their main mode of communication; by using the app, they won't have to worry about their work discussions becoming public knowledge if their phones end up in the wrong hands.News stories about Tiger Text have played up the "coincidence" that the app shares its given name with the famous philandering (and text-messaging) golfer, which has given the app a nice publicity boost (and at 99 cents for the 250 messages-per-month plan, probably some new subscribers).And now the site now has a new competitor: Cheater In its press release, the site trumpets: "With the recent media coverage on the infidelities of public figures such as Tiger Woods, John Edwards, David Letterman, and the many other politicians, athletes, and celebrities, the time for a site that reveals proven cheaters couldn't be better." Cheater Registry is quite similar to Dont Date Him Girl: You can search a database to see if your new suitor has a suspect history; cheating victims can add their exes and even prove their guilt by uploading e-mails, texts, or photos.

Or when she checks your phone bill and spies the monthly Tiger Text charge?

Online, we let companies follow us around as we hop from website to website.

In real life, we don’t answer the door when someone’s trying to sell us cookies. IRL, we could probably talk out our differences over a few beers …

Some Web sites facilitate, even encourage affairs; others vow to expose cheaters to the world.

The problem (other than the obvious scumminess of fooling around on your significant other)?