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Russian women are said to be an enigma, but they certainly can be cracked.

Following the above 5 tips will certainly pay out dividends during your stay in Russia.

Russian beauty is world famous, but it is important to express that you value her other attributes as well, such as her intelligence or artistic achievements. You will not lose points for this like you would in the West.This one simply goes without exception during your time in Russia.It will serve you well to understand Russian culture and the dynamics between men and women.Conversely, Russian women feel honored to be the desire of affection from a strong, high-quality man.Perhaps nothing signals more to a Russian girl that she is in the presence of a strong, high- status man than when he leads her.There’s simply no room in Russian culture for a weak man, and if you fall in this category, you need to re-think your strategy if you’re planning a trip to game the local women.While it’s true that most women admire these qualities in a man, Some aspects of western style game work well, and those include humor, banter, and a little bit of teasing.Men and women in Russia have different gender roles when compared with their counterparts in the West. Russian women feel more feminine when they don’t have to worry about making decisions on where to have dinner.They use that part of their brain all day at work or school.My experience with the local has been some of the most rewarding experiences and fulfilling relationships of my life.The old adage, “women are women” holds merit, but there are some important differences between Russian woman and their Western counterparts you should be aware of when traveling to Russia.